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Significant events and stages in the children’s lives

9 Months in, 9 months out


Harry is 9 months old today.  And I don’t know how I feel about that.

I feel so proud of him: how good natured he is; how he smiles at everyone (well,  most people); how he’s desperate to be on his feet and for so many more things.

I also feel very lucky.  Matilda Mae and her family were not lucky on this day of her life.  Not at all.  So, whilst acknowledging their grief and remembering how much their story has had an impact on our lives, I want to celebrate this little milestone: 9 months inside and 9 months earthside. Harry has been with us in anticipation and reality in equal measures.  And these past 9 months have been just the best.

He’s now starting to grow out of his baby days and into the toddler times and it’s going so fast. I don’t want to forget the way he claps his hands: only just making it with fingers still a bit curly, or the way that he cocks his head to the side with a coy little smile.  I savour every breastfeed, enjoying his little mannerisms and stroking his little hand as his eyes roll back and drift into sleep.  I love the way he flaps his arms and breaths rapidly when I go in to him after his nap – so excited to see me.  I also loves how he does the same when his Daddy gets in from work.  I adore seeing him and his brother interact and make each other laugh.

These are times to treasure and guard in my heart as they pass by in a flash.

In three months, he will be one

and there’ll be no stopping him!

Go Harry and thank you xx



Potty Power!


So no. 1 son has started the whole process of potty training.

He’s doing so well…10 days in and hardly any accidents.

I, on the other hand, am a wreck!!

Everyone talks about how much better it is to not have to change nappies, but I can hand on heart say that nappies are a damn sight easier! It’s not just the “time for potty now, Toby” that goes round like an echo all day, but the constant wee watch and heightened sense awareness of my son’s every wiggle.  It is truly exhausting.

It also means that my little boy is not a baby any more.  This whole process has, unsurprisingly, coincided with a number of developments in language, confidence, independence and cognition that have, in equal measure, filled me with joy and mild melancholy at the passing of another stage of his life.  

Mostly, I’m thrilled with the little human that I am getting to know more and more each day but will be glad when this new phase is well established and I can let go of the constant state of tension….Quick! Where’s the potty?….


Well done Toby, Mummy is very proud of you xx