Tuff love – elevating the spot


We love our tuff spot (or cement mixing tray, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily)! Thanks to Edspire for inspiring us and countless other mummies, the plastics company that make these things must be quids in!

We’ve been messy in our spot, we’ve had train tracks and painted with trains, we’ve had ice, foam and water but so far, it has all been on the floor. Whilst this has worked well, I noticed that for some forms of play, Toby looks quite awkward and not quite able to access the materials in the way that he would like.  So we lifted the tuff spot up.

IMG_2477 IMG_2478


Here he is playing with the cloud dough/moon sand (whatever you want to call it) and his vehicles (with a few numbers thrown in!).  By having the spot on a low table, Toby was able to walk round easily and manipulate the diggers etc with both hands, rather than needing one hand to lean on.  Having said that, he is only using one hand in these pics! He seemed to sustain his play for longer.

I’ve seen plenty of nurseries and children’s centres use the tuff spots with stands to raise them but have somehow not thought about doing it at home or what the difference might be.  Obviously, sometimes its better to be on the floor when the play might include standing or sitting in the middle of it, but sometimes, a little height is a good thing!

It also meant that Harry could crawl underneath…


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