Sensory play with the baby


Most of my posts have been about Toby and his play but Harry has also been enjoying some sensory play.

He enjoyed the sand pit in the sunshine

He has loved playing with the green rice.  I only had to dissuade him from eating it at the beginning, he then found other interesting things to do with it.

He picked it up in his fist and dropped it,

he kicked his feet in it,

and used different objects to swipe at it and marveled when they tipped some rice out.

He used his whole body to feel the material and he listened to the sounds that it and the tins, whisks etc made.


He has also enjoyed some fibre optics (thank you  Fred and your mummy!)…



and watching his brother look at a glowing bath toy in a bowl of water beads



Lots of sensations to fire up those 7 month old neurons!


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