Having found the inspiration from reading all the terrific links on Edspire’s Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, I decided to make some gloop cornflour and water) and allow both boys the opportunity to explore.  I haven’t had a chance yet to research whether there is an identifiable gender difference in willingness to get messy but it was certainly the case that Toby didn’t like having it on his hands, although he did allow me to drip some on before insisting that we washed it off.



I’d coloured some yellow and some green and Toby enjoyed trying to mix them up (not easy!).  He chose to tip some out into the tuff spot and then really enjoyed putting his foot on it.  I say ‘on’ it as the stuff is so wierd, it turns solid with the application of pressure.  For some reason, getting feet dirty is not as bad as hands and he enjoyed then making footprints…

IMG_2340 IMG_2342


Harry, however, got completely stuck in and enjoyed it with all his senses!

IMG_2322 IMG_2323 IMG_2324 IMG_2332 IMG_2333 IMG_2337


Lots of messy fun!


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  1. LOVE gloop! We also discovered you can make it with custard powder too, for a different sensory experience. Of course, only the baby got stuck in with that one 😀
    Thanks so much for linking up!

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