Muddy waters


This week’s messy play took place outside…Hurrah!!

Quite simply, Toby and I planted some seeds and I then put some spare compost in one side of his water table and water in the other.  He merrily spent ages pouring water onto the compost and then finding stones to ‘plant’!


He didn’t, however, want to put his hands in to retrieve the stones and its got me thinking…. Quite a few of the posts linked up here on Edspire’s ‘Messy Play for Matilda Mae’ Linky contain a common theme of boys not wanting to get too messy.  Obviously its not universal (Edspire’s little boy, William, certainly enjoys getting stuck in!) but there have been enough to get me wondering about a gender difference.  Anyone got any thoughts?? Think I might do a bit of research.  Will report if I find anything!

Edspire </p><p>Messy Play


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  1. Lovely garden play – we’re off to get some planters today so that the boys and I can do some planting! Interesting thoughts on getting messy… My boys have to be encouraged to get mucky, I thought it might be picking up on my aversion to mess (!), but maybe not… It will be interesting to see how their sister gets on – so far she’s far more inclined to get messy, even in the way she approaches food – both boys ate really neatly, in a relative sense, for babies and didn’t like feeling food on their face, the wee girl gets herself completely covered in yogurt 🙂

  2. I think it’s definitely worth investigating! I have a few tricks for Luka, including graduating gently towards messy materials, and using zip lock bags so he can touch without getting messy. Let me know what you find out as I would be interested to know

  3. Our 3-year-old boy-girl twins both enjoy messy play, but neither seem to like gettIng their hands dirty: particularly Jake though. The last time we did messy play Ellie really enjoyed swooshing her hands in the ‘soup’ she’d made, but Jake didn’t. There may be something in this!

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