Cooking clouds


I’ve been out of the social media scene over the last week or so (new post coming soon to talk about why) but I know that Edspire is starting a ‘Tales from the Tuff spot’ weekly feature on her blog an once I get a moment, I’ll get up to speed and do a bit of joined up thinking as we use our Tuff spot at least once a week.  I did manage to link up to her ‘Messy Play for Matilda Mae‘ linky and am pondering all the activity surrounding the relaunch of FSIDs as the Lullaby Trust (please do take a look at advice for safe sleeping and support) but for now, this is simply our latest messy play adventure:

We’ve played with cloud dough quite a bit since I first made it, but our first batch’s time was up (it had been mixed with water beads in a pirate sea/sand adventure!) and so Toby and I made a new lot.

We used 7 parts flour to 1 part baby oil.  Toby very much enjoyed the pouring of the oil!


He wouldn’t, however, mix the flour and oil together; “Mummy do it” is a bit of a constant at the moment…

But he did want to add the sparkles (glitter):

IMG_2218I’d put out lots of different cooking utensils and some silicone cupcake holders. Toby chose to use the measuring spoons to fill the cases with ‘cakes’

IMG_2219 IMG_2223He then notice that we hang the utensils on some hooks in the kitchen an wanted to try to hang them back up. So I put the hooks on a lower rail an he spent ages practising hooking and unhooking….with the occasional, “Mummy do it”!


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