Painting with trains!


There are several posts like this floating in the ether thanks to Jennie @Edspire inspiring us all! So here is what we did:

This is what was waiting for Toby after his nap



Although quite excited by the idea, there was a little bit of reticence…perhaps the thought of getting paint on his trains was worrying him? He certainly wanted mummy to make the first move and so after I had made tracks with Gordon, he was off with the other trains.  Toby didn’t get quite as involved as I thought he might; he didn’t experiment or mix up the colours, for example.  Perhaps he wasn’t ready to assume a different game with his trains, or rather this idea might need returning too as he slowly assimilates a new way of playing with his fall-back toys, either way, his play soon returned to linking up the carriages and blowing the whistle to signal the off (except he didn’t want them to move…).  He also enjoyed getting paint on his fingers and then smearing it on his nose!  Getting used to messy play at least!


and they’re off!



Nice pic!


Peep peep!


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  1. Oh yes! I think I must have clicked through to your post from Edspire…sorry I didn’t credit appropriately, I wrote it really quickly and am just getting the hang of this blogging. I end up looking at so many posts and not remembering where I’ve seen stuff…..must try harder!!

    I loved the result…he wasn’t so fussed!

    • No worries…I’m sort of new to this blogging thing, too! It’s been fun seeing all of the different train paintings Edspire’s post has inspired. I kind of want to do an experiment to see what happens when I put the paint on in different configurations and ways. But my son would probably get bored with it before my experiment was done. 🙂

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