Starting with a 1


Toby has been able to count to ten for a while now but they have only really been words that come in a particular order…and not always the same order…and not always starting with one.  Recently, he’s really enjoyed the “1,2,345, once I caught a fish alive” song but it has meant that his counting has been reduced to the “3,4,5” part of the song (because it’s quicker?).  He’s also been really keen to point out the numbers on his Thomas trains and so I thought it was time to start gently introducing more number games into our play.

I found the first on another fantastic blog (Imagination Tree) and thought he might enjoy it.  I gathered a load of lids from general household items and fitted them inside the lid of a shoebox.  I then traced around each lid and coloured the shape the same colour as the lid.  They were both the shape and the lid were numbered ready to be matched.

IMG_2100When I showed it to him, he got really excited and straight away pointed out the number 1! I showed him how it worked and he completed the puzzle himself with me helping him with the numbers.  He was fascinated by the number four and kept pointing to it saying ‘number pour!’ Although he was obviously matching the colours and shapes, he was also looking at the written numbers and we named them as we went.


Later, he took the lily and lily pads from our ‘speckled frog’ game (here) and placed them over the circles too, obviously identifying similarities in shape.

IMG_2103Later in the day, I asked him to help tidy up by putting the lids back into the tray and he amazed me by putting them all back in the right place!  No probs with matching then!



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