Pitter patter rice drops!


We’ve been playing with rice recently. I know it’s a staple (scuse the pun!) of Early Years places from here to anywhere, but you just can’t beat the scope of its potential for play!  This time, we explored the sound that it makes when sprinkled from a height on different bits and bobs.  Toby found that dropping it onto the muffin tin made a sound ‘like rain’ and that the plastic ice cube tray made a different pitch.  the tin was then transferred into the oven for ‘cooking’.

IMG_2051 IMG_2054 IMG_2056


Harry had also enjoyed sitting in the rice and feeling it in his hands and on his toes.  No pictures of that though as I was too busy trying to stop him eating it!

such simple things!


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  1. Love this for a really easy idea with loads of possibilities and like you say it makes such a fantastic sound when poured :))

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