Potting and posting


Toby has recently been really keen on singing…anything from nursery rhymes to the theme tune to Thomas (he knows the order all the engines are mentioned in that bloody song…I hope you too have “they’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight” in your head!).  Quite often we go to a singing session with a local singer/songwriter, Nick Cope, who write fantastic songs for kids (have a look here).  One of the songs, ‘Grow, Grow, Grow’ has been a favourite for a while now and so I thought we could follow the words of the song and plant some seeds:

Stick your finger in the ground

make a little hole that’s small and round,

drop a seed in

and cover it just so.

with a little sunshine,

with a little rain,

that little seed ill start to change,

and it will

grow grow grow grow grow grow grow grow grow.


We planted sunflowers and nasturtiums in the compost but then thought we would also try cress heads:


This was adult led so in the afternoon, I put out some more compost, pots, a trowel and some green-coloured rice as ‘seeds’ for free play.



He didn’t spend very long here but perhaps once his seeds start shooting, he might get more interested!  I’ve also got plans for an area in our garden that could be just for him, but it needs to get above freezing first!


I also pinched an idea from theimaginationtree for exploring different materials by creating a ‘drop-zone’ made out of a paper tube that I’d painted, stuck to the door



I put some buttons, corks, pegs and some pens/pencils for him to post through the tube.



Toby enjoyed this quite a lot…especially when the corks needed to be put in just right as they were almost the same diameter as the tube.


Then it was back to the cars!


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