Choo Choo Chairs!


It’s been really fascinating watching Toby’s  forays into imaginative play:tentative at first and largely focused around the train track with ‘Thomas’ narratives featuring heavily (“Oh no, Gordon’s off the track!”).  He will also indulge me by making me imaginary cups of tea etc etc, but up til now, this has largely been led by me.  Just recently, however, he seems to have made giant leaps and is initiating sustained role plays with his own application of rules governing the play.  This weekend he spontaneously rearranged the chairs in the dining room to make a choo choo train!



He then insisted that I drive the train.  I supported his play by prompting him with questions about where we might be going (“The beach!”) and providing the necessary sound effects!



Over the next couple of days, he returned to this several times and extended the play to include the fact that the driver must wear Daddy’s yellow cycling glasses and that a plastic key for a wind-up toy was the guards whistle.  He also brought in the fact that the diesel train needed “more petrol”!

What’s next, I wonder….


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