Friday Fun!


Reading my last post, my lovely husband declares that I’m being too harsh on my self as usual.  Reading it back myself, I think I’m being too too harsh on my darling little man…sorry Toby.  There is, of course, nothing wrong with playing with all your cars, trucks, trains etc etc, it is rather your silly mummy thinking you should be something other than you are (more self-deprecation…sorry Dan).  So, in the interest of expanding the kind of play we do at home, but fully ready to get the train track out and ignore anything else, I embarked on preparing some more sensory play, this time with another friend.

I made green rice to resemble grass and made a farmyard small world tray complete with tractor and trailer (get me with the vehicles!):



I also put some scoops/cups etc to encourage some fine motor skills.

I also put out the cloud dough again to see what reaction it would have for the third time:



Lastly, I put out some play dough with some glitter, buttons and pasta.  I think, with hindsight, that there was probably too much for the boys to choose from but I was sort of going on the nursery principle of having several activities from which the children could choose.

I also had a surprise in the fridge!

The boys headed straight for the small world farm and enjoyed filling the tractor’s trailer with rice and then pouring it into different sized cups.

IMG_1927[1]  IMG_1928[1]

It was then off to the play dough and I made this a little more adult-led by encouraging them to pour the glitter and stick the buttons and pasta into the dough.  The boys did so, but soon lost interest and I learnt a valuable lesson about child-led play.

They then wanted to make sandcastles in the ‘sand’ and Toby’s friend explored the shells for a while.  Later, this turned into taking socks off and standing in the sand, leaving wonderful footprints!! This truly was child-led and lots of fun!!

IMG_1934[1] IMG_1935[1]


Then the surprise came out!! Toby has shown an interest in sharks and fish ever since watching a bit of ‘finding Nemo’ and so, taking yet another idea from , I put some mini sea creatures in some lime jelly in two layers so they looked as if they were swimming.  The whole thing was in a glass container so that it was possible to see the creatures from the top, sides and bottom.  After looking at them for a while, and after some encouragement, the boys starting fishing (!!) them out with their fingers.  Neither were too keen to dig down to the bottom so I tipped the lot into a tray and Toby tentatively foraged for the sharks.

IMG_1930[1]  IMG_1931[1]

Smelled good too!


Toby’s friend also had a little brother so Harry had a play mate too!  The babies seemed to enjoy the baby station I had set up for them!

IMG_1913[1] IMG_1925[1] IMG_1938[1]


A Good Day!!


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