Valentine’s sensation


I’m feeling quite remorseful that my last post was so self-indulgent and a lack of internet for the past couple of days has left me mulling how to right this wrong.  Reading the posts and tweets from a grieving fellow blogger, I, like many others, have been assessing and reassessing my relationship with my children.  Now that I’m not feeling like death warmed up (and even when I was, to be fair), I have found a renewed motivation to make the little things count and to grasp the moments to treasure.  Jennie herself managed, through the pain, to do some simply wonderful things with her children yesterday  ( and I borrowed one of her ideas to enjoy with my boy just for a few minutes after nursery.  I’m not as skilled at encouraging the child-led element of play (yet!) but he had lots of fun with heart-shaped ice cubes in the bath!

First of all we felt the ice cubes in a bowl (I’d coloured cubes red) and described their coldness, then we tipped them into the bath and saw how many he could fish out and put back into the bowl



Then we noticed that they were getting smaller and turning the water pink.  At this stage, Toby thought that one, at least, was a shark that he had to catch before it ate the fish (“Like Nemo”)…nice linking of thoughts but spot the too-much-tv-watching tot…..

Having made the connection to Nemo, we found the squirty toy that looks like him and added it and all the other squirties into the now pink water for some more fishing.



By now the heart shaped ice had frozen enough and so, with much hilarity as they ‘popped’ out of the silicone tray, in they went to begin a race to collect them all before they melted!



Bedtime was a little more noisy than usual, but we had all chortled heartily and felt the warm glow of love fill our Valentine’s house.


Earlier in the day, the little one had also had some sensory fun, exploring a card that his Fairy Godmother had sent him with a hand-felted heart on the front

IMG_1857   IMG_1862  IMG_1863  IMG_1864


Love you boys xxx


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