Poorly parenting


Today I feel rubbish…bones hurt, muscles ache and my throat feels like I’ve swallowed a couple of golf balls.  Only a virus, but in days gone by it would have been enough to keep me in bed, or at least huddled up in front of the TV drifting in and out of sleep.  Not so with two small boys.  Unlike my paid job, it’s not ever possible to take a ‘sickie’ (oh the thought!) and life, with all its running up and down the stairs, changing nappies, trying to get a toddler to eat and trying to stop him destroying the place while the baby eats, feels super hard today and all those other days when a sickie might have been in order.  I guess pregnancy gears you up for it…3 months of feeling on the verge of vomit whilst continuing to work does wonders for the staying power!  I love my boys to pieces, but there’s just no let up!

Rant over, but how I ache (quite literally) for a day in bed…


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