New to the blogging world!


I’ve been completely ignorant of the blogging world and I was adamant that I was not going to succumb to Twitter (not really understanding it only fueled the fire)…until last week.  In fact, I think that I actively avoided any parenting blogs, feeling somewhat inadequate on reading about all the amazing things others were doing with their children; my inferiority complex getting in the way again.  All this changed when, quite by chance, I came across the blog and discovered a broken mummy having just lost her darling little 9 month old, Matilda Mae.  This mummy’s openness, raw honesty and truly heartbreaking pain touched me deeply and I felt that I wanted to be with her and stand by her as a fellow mummy.  This was when I realised the power of social media to bring people together…people who don’t know each other other than through what they write…and I saw the comfort that Jennie was getting through writing and receiving tweets and blog posts.  I have been bowled over by the weight of grief from Jennie and all of those that follow her and instantly felt part of that; that my tears for beautiful Matilda Mae and her family were shared and transmitted as love back to those for whom the world had dealt a terrible blow.  I have cried along with Jennie’s minute by minute tweets as she relived that awful night and sent back all that I could…just a few words…hoping they might offer some degree of support and knowledge that she was not alone in those darkest moments.

More than that, I have realised, through reading Jennie’s blog posts, that remembering all the little things that happen in a family, day to day, need remembering.  I felt a compulsion to join this community which is not about who is the ‘best’ parent, but about sharing highs and lows in a shared spirit of love for friends and family and I want to note the mundane, the joyful, the frustrating and the painful aspects of parenting as experienced in this house. I don’t know Jennie, but she and Matilda Mae have touched my heart and her legacy will live on here through my endeavour to cherish the days with my two boys.

Rest in peace little Matilda Mae x


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  1. It really is amazing how twitter and other social media can bring people together. Some of the best support and advice I have had, has been on twitter from strangers who have no other judgement of you or any agenda of their own. Matilda Mae’s death has rocked us all. I have cried every night for a week for a family I don’t ‘know’ and will never meet. But I have done what @edspire has asked and held my children close and made sure they know every second how much I love and cherish them. I will never forget Matilda Mae and I know when I need help I have my family and friends but I also have a whole world in twitter.

  2. I know, for all the bad things you can say about twitter etc I’ve never known anything like the support and love that has been shown to Jennie this week. I think all our hearts broke just a tiny bit too. It’s so sad, I can’t imagine how she must be feeling.

    I shall look foreward to reading more on your blog. I’m sure you have lots of great things to blog about. Plus it’s very pretty!

  3. Lovely post. The blogging community is truly the most wonderful community I have ever been a part of. I have been blogging over a year now and have seen so much, been a part of so much, including now all we can do is support Jennie and her family in this tragic and painful time.

    Welcome 🙂 we’re not all thy different really! Xx

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